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Check Out the New “Literal Word” App

I wouldn’t necessarily describe my self as a Bible app connoisseur, but I might be pretty close. At the moment I’ve got 8 downloaded on my phone and I switch between a few of them pretty regularly. As someone who is enamored with the ability to read God’s Word on my hand-size pocket computer, I’m usually eager to try out new Bible apps when I hear about them.

The “ Literal Word “ mobile app is pretty new (and it’s free!) and has a lot of awesome features that often go underdeveloped in other apps. So, here are a few reasons why you should check it out!

Customizable Reading Modes

One of the strengths of the Literal Word app is its different options for reading modes. The app comes with three out-of-the box reading options. There is the default mode which is pretty standard with verse numbers and section headings but no cross references or study helps. Then there is the reader mode which gets rid of all things in the text that are not the text. So, verse numbers, cross-references, section headings, are all done away with for a seamless reading experience. Lastly, there is the study mode which features verse-by-verse text, footnotes, cross-references, and those famous NASB asterisks.

There is also the option to build a custom text format within the app. The reader can choose if the text will feature red letters for the speech of Jesus, cross-references, section headings, verse numbers, verse-by-verse or paragraph layout, etc. I love the customizability of the whole thing and the default modes are great for their intended purposes as well.

Original Languages Interface

The biggest strength of this app for me is its ability to look up lexical information for the words in the text. When reading in the app, if you press the alpha or aleph in the top right corner, every word represented in the original languages will become underlined. By pressing on the certain underlined word you would like to know more about, you can see the word in the original, see its lexical definition, its Strong’s number, and see where else that same word appears in the Bible. The app even enables you to see the usage of a particular word across books and genres.


One possible (depending on your perspective) weakness of the app is that it only provides the NASB95 translation. Though my primary use Bible is not the NASB, it used to be, and the NASB is a valuable translation to study with. Given the word-for-word translation undergirding the NASB, it’s perfect for the kind of abilities this app so intuitively provides. Also, there is no highlighting or notes ability in the app (although copying verses is made super easy). So, there you have it! Download the Literal Word app on your Android or Apple mobile device here .

The “Literal Word” mobile app is pretty new (and it’s free!) and has a lot of awesome features that often go underdeveloped in other apps. So, here are a few reasons why you should check it out!


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